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If I buy a short sale can the seller's lender come back and ask me to settle the debt?

No they can not. When that seller bought the home with a mortgage they signed a mortgage as well as a promissory note. When the lender approves the sale they also agree to release the lien on the…Continue

Tags: buyers, sellers, liens, note, promissory

Started by Nathan Tutas Jul 5, 2011.

What Is a CMA?

CMA is an abbreviation for Comparative Market Analysis. This is the process a Realtor will use when helping determine a property's current market value. Comparable properties should be the same…Continue

Tags: comparables, cma

Started by Nathan Tutas May 29, 2011.

What is FIRPTA?

FIRPTA is short for Foreign Investment in Real Property Act of 1980 incme tax withholding. Here is an article with some great information about…Continue

Tags: Withholding, Investors, Foreign, FIRPTA

Started by Nathan Tutas May 26, 2011.

What Is A BPO?

What is a BPO? A BPO is a Broker Price Opinion. This a method lenders use to establish a property's current market value. This method is used in Short Sales and REO/Bank Owned Properties. In the case…Continue

Tags: Opinion, Price, Broker, BPO

Started by Nathan Tutas May 4, 2011.

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Bahama Bay Davenport Homes for Sale

Bahama Bay Davenport Homes For Sale


Bahama Bay Resort is one of Davenport's premier vacation communities, sporting some of the most beautiful homes and neighborhoods…


Posted by Nathan Tutas on September 1, 2015 at 10:30am

Bahama Bay Davenport Market Update

August 24, 2015 03:42 AM

Bahama Bay Davenport Market Update


Bahama Bay Resort is a premier vacation communityin Davenport, FL. The community is gated and is…


Posted by Nathan Tutas on August 31, 2015 at 10:30am

Providence Davenport Homes for Sale

Providence Davenport Homes For Sale


Providence Davenport is a very large, very well kept golf community. It is gated, and a guard is posted 24/7. Providence boasts many…


Posted by Nathan Tutas on August 30, 2015 at 10:30am

Providence Davenport Market Update

Providence Davenport Market Update

Providence is a very large premier golf community in Davenport, FL. It is a gated community and sports many of the amenities you've come to…


Posted by Nathan Tutas on August 29, 2015 at 2:00pm

Providence Davenport Market Update

Providence Davenport Market Update

Providence is a very large premier golf community in Davenport, FL. It is a gated community and sports many of the amenities you've come to…


Posted by Nathan Tutas on August 29, 2015 at 10:30am

Calabay Parc Davenport Homes For Sale

Calabay Parc Davenport Homes For Sale


Calabay Parc Davenport is just one of those communities that gives you a good feeling and makes you smile just as soon as you drive in.…


Posted by Nathan Tutas on August 28, 2015 at 10:05am

Calabay Parc Davenport Market Update

Calabay Parc Davenport Market Update


Calabay Parc is one of Davenport's premier vacation communities sporting some of the most beautiful homes and neighborhoods to be…


Posted by Nathan Tutas on August 27, 2015 at 2:00pm

Lake Marion Resort Kissimmee Florida



The elegant, four-star, Lake Marion Resort makes it easy to enjoy all that Florida has to offer! Located in southeast Kissimmee on the shores of Lake Marion and only 40 minutes from Disney World, Sea World, and…


Posted by bryant tutas on January 26, 2015 at 12:00pm

Lake Marion Golf Resort Is The Most Affordable Vacation Community In Central Florida

Lake Marion Golf Resort is one of the most affordable vacation communities in Central Florida and maybe even in the whole state. In 2006 the average 3 bedroom villa or condo sold for $166,000. For such a great community that wasn't too bad a price. However, as my most recent Lake Marion Golf…


Posted by Nathan Tutas on July 21, 2014 at 10:37am

Buying a Davenport Fl Home Could Be a Good Investment

With the Davenport Florida real estate market slowing, many potential homeowners and investors are worrying that they missed the boat. But it's not too late.

But owning a Davenport vacation home isn't for everyone. Those that don't want the expense of maintaining a home and the commitment it involves may consider continuing to rent. The renter is able to move quickly and has little responsibility in the long run. And they have less of a financial interest in the…


Posted by bryant tutas on July 21, 2014 at 10:30am


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What Our Buyers Say

"Over the course of the last 12 months, I have bought 4 condos in Orlando with Nathan. I think that speaks volumes, because if I wasn't satisified with his service on the first one, I could have easily walked and went with another realtor in buying my other condos. Nathan is dedicated and hard working, definitely an agent that can be trusted if anyone is buying or selling real estate in the Orlando area." William Wong - Canada


"Building up trust and a relationship is absolutely vital to securing a great result all round. When I first started waving a bunch of pound notes around in the air and inquiring about a few properties, as you can appreciate, I was absolutely inundated with different Realtors contacting me and vying for my business. In the midst of it all was Nathan Tutas. As time went on, the emails started flowing and little by little most of them fell by the wayside... probably narked at the fact that here I was, a guy who wasn't just gonna hand over a bunch of cash to the first property recommended to me. I asked questions...BOY did I ask questions! And Nathan came back to me each and every time until it became clear to me that I would only be doing business with one cat out there! He made it easy to buy a house out there. I had contact from one seemingly professional, large company who thought that all they had to do was 'book me an appointment' for when I was out there and they'd not contact me until then, and then sew up the sale... EERR nope, dont think so Mr... you gotta put some effort into your work to get my business! Anyway what I am trying to say is that we built up a fantastic working relationship and knew when to be serious (or grumpy and insistent in my case!) and when to have a laugh and those 50+ house viewings just flew by. Me and my buddy not only secured a fabulous house but I learned plenty about the market and different places that the next purchase will be a doddle for us! And of course who will I be going to for the next purchase? you guessed it...the one who made the effort to actually sell something to me rather than someone who just threw a few houses at me and expected me to buy one. Likewise I left the states with a nice taste in my mouth and you can be assured that when someone asks me to recommend someone, Nathan will be the first name I speak. By our last day in Florida we had already secured a good property...which was OK...but there was something we wanted more...another house we'd seen on day one. Because of the relationship Nathan had built up with me he knew my mannerisms and knew that I wasn't messing around when i put that serious head on, looked him straight in the eye and stated..."I'm not getting on that plane until I am fully satisfied we have done everything we can to exhaust the sale on the preferred house." And the rest as they say is history. When I was initially doing my homework on Nathan (net-stalking more like!!) I noticed something he had on his website.... "if you do something you enjoy, then you'll never have to work again a day in your life" or something similar..... he is right! And I am a very driven person in business and I can tell you that, put the newly found friendship aside...THIS is the way I like to do business." Paul DeAngelis - London, UK _______________________________ "For years now my Wife Karen and I have dreamed of owning a vacation villa in Florida. Barring a lottery win we felt it would always be just that ... a dream. The U.S. property market is currently at an all time low, providing investors with great opportunities. Thanks to Nathans' constant hard work and attention our dream became a reality this summer and we now proudly own a beautiful home in Davenport. Living in UK meant everything had to be done by phone and internet, you need to really trust your contact for this. Nathan kept in constant touch with us, emailing and phoning and arranged viewing for our first trip over. We thoroughly enjoyed this and soon found a number of suitable properties hand picked by him and his lovely wife Amanda. Every step of the way we knew our money was in safe hands and on returning to FL for the closing, which was less than 4 weeks, were surprised to find it had all been organized with nothing for us to do apart from celebrate. We had a fabulous experience and intend to buy again one day, also recommending to friends here in the UK, and can only speak the highest praise of Nathan and Amanda who are no longer just our agents but now our friends. Thanks guys for all your attention and for helping us realize our dream." Ian Wilton - UK _______________________________

"In October 2009 my husband, two children and I made our 3rd visit to Florida. It was during this time we had many discussions on purchasing a property in the area for us to enjoy but also as an investment and business to do short term holiday lets. On our return to the UK we spent many hours searching web sites, looking at property and reading up about the buying process in Florida. We were soon receiving e mails and calls from a number of companies, but none of which were a huge help to us. In August 2010 we decided to “Go for it”. We have a friend who is a freelance travel consultant. We discussed with her that we may be looking to purchase a property in Florida. She then suggested we spoke with one of her clients, who had also been in our situation and is now the owner of a home in Florida and planning to buy another. We met up with the gentleman who was very helpful and he then put us in contact with Nathan Tutas. We were blown away with how helpful, professional and kind Nathan was. He explained the buying process to us, he communicated with us continually, NOTHING was too much trouble. Nathan listened to our needs and requests; he mailed us daily with homes to look at. When we had finally found the house of our dreams Nathan was our eyes and ears. Being so far away we put our trust in Nathan. He viewed the property for us, took many photographs, described the area, although we knew the area in which it fell and he oversaw everything for us. He could not have been any more helpful. We were successful in buying the property; however we could not have done this without the support and guidance that Nathan gave us. He worked hard for us and made the whole buying process easy and stress free for us. I would highly recommend Nathan’s company to anyone who is looking to buy a property in the Florida area. He puts the British agents to shame! He has become a good friend to us and we are looking forward to meeting him in person very soon. Thank you!" Karen & Andy Lavis - South Gloucestershire, UK ______________________________ "This guy didn't know me from Adam, we had never met and I had a very small budget. However this didn't stop Nathan from providing me with a first class service. Thanks to Nathan's daily updates, local research and personal service I now own a nice condo in a well maintained community and I'm convinced that I purchased at a significant discount. The most important factor when purchasing an investment property is the people you trust to give you the required guidance and local knowledge. I've been investing for almost 10 years and I can assure you that Nathan has all his bases covered. Keep up the superb work." Mark O'Connor - London, UK

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